Patient Registration & Frequently Asked Questions

last modified: 11 Feb 2019
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We have provided links to the registration forms that will be needed on the day of your first treatment session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my insurance cover my physical therapy treatments?

A. H/S Therapy Associates, Inc., is a preferred provider for numerous insurance plans. When setting up your first appointment with us, you will be asked for information regarding your insurance coverage. It is our policy to contact your insurance company prior to your first visit to question them regarding your coverage for outpatient physical therapy services. In the event that your insurance company tell us that your care would not be covered, we will attempt to contact you prior to your scheduled visit to make you aware of this. Otherwise, you will be informed of your insurance coverage at the time of your visit. We encourage all of our patients to contact their insurance companies as well to verify the insurance coverage. 

Q. Why do I need a new prescription?

A. Although Direct Access to Physical Therapy is a reality in Pennsylvania, many insurance companies still require a physician letter of medical necessity (most commonly in the form of a prescription) in order for your services to be covered. Direct Access does allow you to receive physical therapy services without a physician prescription for a period of 30days if insurance coverage is not an issue for you. After this initial 30 day period, the licensing laws of the State of Pennsylvania mandate that a physician prescription is required.

Q. Do I pay for my visit(s) upfront or do you bill me?

A: If your insurance plan includes a set co-pay amount; you will be expected to make payment at the time of service. If your plan involves a co-insurance portion (i.e., 90/10 or 80/20 plans), you will receive a bill after your insurance company has made payment.

Q. Why are you asking me for my medical insurance information if I have already given you my automobile/worker's compensation insurance information?

A. In the event that your automobile/worker's compensation insurance benefits are exhausted we will forward any unpaid claims to your medical insurance company. Some medical insurance companies require that care is authorized prior to being provided even if it is an automobile/worker's compensation case. If a required authorization is not in place, in the event the bills need to be forwarded to your medical insurance carrier, your claims will not be paid. 

Q. Why are you asking me what my automobile insurance benefit limit is?

A. In the event you exhaust your automobile insurance benefits, your claims will be forwarded to your medical insurance carrier. This may result in you having to pay for all or a portion of your charges. We recommend that all patients using automobile insurance regularly check with his/her claims adjuster to question what balance remains in order to avoid any "surprise bills." Although H/S Therapy is a preferred provider for many insurance companies, we are not providers of all. We feel it is best that you are aware of any insurance restrictions prior to initiating a course of care.


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