Concierge Program

last modified: 16 Sep 2020
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H/S Physical Therapy has a Concierge Program available for your preventative physical therapy and wellness needs.  Most of you have medical issues and conditions which require the "correct" exercise prescription.  Some of you are not comfortable in a typical fitness center and the level of expertise that they fal to provide.  Many of you have indicated that you need a different experience, a more personalized approach with supervision in a smaller, more intimate enviroment.


In brief, you would pay cash up front, either yearly or quarterly, to access the services of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  What this means is you nolonger need to use your insurance, obtain prescriptions, get referrals, pay co-payments or deductibles for most conditions.  You are accessing our services under your own judgement.  Contact us for more information.  

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